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With nutrition and value continuing to be key drivers in the demanding bakery and cereals sector, these challenging times demand the support of knowledgeable suppliers with highly functional ingredient portfolios and the technical expertise to advise and work with your development and procurement teams.

Arthur Branwell offers a broad portfolio of ingredients and experience to assist with many of the issues arising, whether for the artisan craft baker, the in store high street supermarket bakery or large scale commercial premix, frozen or part baked products producers.

We can help with shelf-life enhancement, improvement of nutritional criteria, flavour, mouth-feel, texture, crumb structure as well providing yield and labelling benefits.

We remain global leaders in the supply and processing of gum tragacanth and manufacture a range of specialised low microbial grades of particular benefit as plasticisers and stabilisers in the production of sugar paste.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence with a member of our experienced technical team.

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